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Defender Donahue Law represents people who are injured while at a business or property of another.  If you slipped and fell or were injured at a business or on someone else’s property in Florida or Georgia, contact Defender Donahue Law to discuss the facts of your particular case. To schedule a free and confidential consultation, call us now at (561) 888-0116, send us an email, or use our  Contact Form.

Georgia & Florida Slip-and-Fall and Premise Liability Law Explained 

Most people do not know that a business or property owner is responsible for the safety of the people who enter their premises. The type of property, whether it is a business or home, and the area one is in when injured, determines what standard of care the property owner must maintain. A business or property owner has a duty to warn customers or visitors of known dangers. For example, a grocery store must put out wet floor signs to warn people that an area may be wet or slippery when they are aware of it. If they know about a wet or slippery area, have a reasonable amount of time to fix or warn of it, and fail to do so, and someone slips and falls or is injured, then the store is responsible for causing their injuries. 

Injuries from a slip-and-fall or premise liability accident can be serious and can affect your neck, back, head, or even require a major surgery to repair a torn ligament or injured joint. The attorneys at Defender Donahue Law PLLC are experienced slip-and-fall and premise liability attorneys and are ready to guide you through the steps necessary to get your health back and get you fully compensated for everything you suffered from the hazardous conditions as a result of negligence.

Common Reasons Slip-and-Falls and Premise Liability Cases Happen

  • Wet or slippery floors – Leaking refrigerators or freezer and often leave hard to spot puddles of water that can be dangerous. Improperly cleaned floors can be left slippery from soap or residue. A spilled drink or a dropped grape or banana peel can make for a very dangerous slipping hazard.
  • Uneven floors or carpets – Cracks in concrete or an improperly laid carpet or mat can make the floor or sidewalks difficult to traverse. 
  • Rotting or broken railing or stairs – Old or broken flooring, stairs, or railing can be very dangerous.
  • Unmarked drop offs – A deeper than normal step down or door way should have proper visible warning signs.
  • long cords or obstacles – Long cords or obstacles can make dangerous tripped hazards when placed where people normally walk.
  • Broken or defective equipment – An old rusted swing at a park may no longer be safe for your child.

What should you do if you were injured in a slip-and-fall or on another’s property?

Contact us ASAP! Slip-and-falls should be handled by an experienced lawyer from Defender Donahue Law PLLC. A slip-and-fall could change your life and cause serious injures. We will hold the responsible party accountable and make sure you are fully compensated for your current and future medical bills, as well as your pain and suffering, loss of income, and other possible damages.

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